Hi, friends!

Making a YouTube channel is something that I’ve been desperate to do for a very long time. I uploaded a video a few months ago, but it was only about two or three minutes long and it wasn’t anything special. I deleted it, and I’m starting anew.

I love books, and reading, and writing is also something that I really enjoy. I’m not certain if my channel can truly fit under the “Booktube” umbrella, as I’m going to post content that revolves around other topics, such as mental health and plus size fashion and my weight loss journey and more. But, it will be 90% book-ish. I can almost make a promise out of that.

I decided to do the Booktube Newbie Tag as my introduction video, and I really enjoyed filming and editing this for you all.

I hope you enjoy it!




I don’t come on here and write as often as I’d like to, or as often as I know I should. There’s simply not enough time in each day for me to sit down, think and write out a thoughtful blog post. I am going to do better.

There will be days, maybe even weeks, where I don’t post here. But you can keep track of me through other platforms if you’re interested!

Instagram: meganwittyt
Twitter: meganwittyt
Goodreads: meganwittyt

And, tomorrow you will be getting a link to my very first Booktube (YouTube) video. My channel is going to consist of a wide variety of topics, but I will mostly be talking about reading and writing. I hope you join me on this brand new journey!