Martha’s Granddaughter is so special to me. When I lost my grandma in 2016, I created this blog and used it as a bit of a release. It gave me something to do, something to put my time towards, so I didn’t sit around and think about the weight in my chest constantly. Martha’s Granddaughter brought me such joy and peace during one of the most difficult trials I’ve ever been through, and I will forever love it for that.

However, as I’ve grown and changed in the year since her death, I’ve come to realize that the name Martha’s Granddaughter doesn’t fit the theme of the blog I’m going for now. I don’t see this as a release anymore. I don’t view this blog as being my escape from reality.

I have anxiety, and I very often fear change. At the same time, I (not-so-often) crave change. I need something new and different and exciting to keep me going. So, that’s why I decided to change the name of this blog to Megan Witt.

I’m going to continue to write about my life, and my love of books, and God, and my future. I’m preparing to go to college in the next year; I’ll write about that a lot. I sincerely hope you stick around and go on this crazy journey with me.

xoxo, Megan


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